Check Mouse Clicks per Second?

The CPS Test can add 200 (or more on amazing PCs) click speed tests in a second, so you can also check macros and automatic mouse clicks here.

The counter shows the results of the last game of each game. Employee information is not collected as it is recorded in the program rewards. If you remove the gadgets from the page, your records will be lost. Upon completion of each CPS test, you will receive a CPS Test result window. In a similar window, you can see some screenshots to share your results with interpersonal organizations.


If your result is lower than 7, just repeat this or the other tests on this page for a few moments until you get to 7. Then, in addition to using spaces, try using the mouse. With it, you can try out cutting-edge click speed test procedures and then increase your score significantly.


As mentioned above, if you want to achieve a better score in the cps counter preview, try playing with the touchpad or the mouse. There are several methods of clicking the mouse, and below we will explain the standard of each one.

Standard Clicks: It is a simple plugin, a continuous method of breaking your pc. It is not difficult, but the speed is the lowest: 5 to 8 more.

Butterfly click: This technique works best with gaming mice that allow double-tapping; in any case, the increase in the CPS counter will not be huge. This procedure is performed by pressing the mouse button in this way with two fingers.

Jitter Clicks: This is another acceptable method of building a score, however not a decent exercise. The secret to this strategy is to clench your hand to shake it. The tension in the hand produces a vibration that is repeatable, so the clicking speed will be faster than with a normal finger movement. Jitter click can get from 12 to 20 CPS Test.

Drag click: The mouse plays an important role in this strategy. When you drag a character, the vibration that appears when you move your finger on the outside of the mouse is played with a click speed test. The drag result can be as high as 100!

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